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What does Wild 949 think about Tadow Candles

Updated: Jan 7

A few years ago Tadow Candles sent out candles to its local radio station. knowing how funny they are tadow candles knew their reaction would be priceless. so each crew member received candles. it was a great way to connect with with the community. since then Tadow candles has had loyal customers.

him in here and this one uh before i

0:02 even open it it smells like the candle

0:04 section at like a home goods or

0:05 something it's very floral there's like

0:07 a

0:08 lot of it's from alejandra a lot of

0:10 scents coming from this one

0:12 uh it's 1249 jv selena and natasha and

0:15 graham there's a little card do you want

0:16 me to read it sure yes

0:18 opening opening standby

0:23 oh it's kind of it's kind of long oh

0:26 now first off i absolutely love you guys

0:28 you guys have me always cracking up you

0:29 guys are great i really wanted you guys

0:31 to try out my candles that's what we're

0:33 smelling um i feel like i know you guys

0:36 and i feel like you guys will be pretty

0:37 honest about my candles i'm a mom of

0:39 four that's including my husband just

0:41 kidding uh he's great he has been

0:43 nothing but supportive with my small

0:45 business for years i was lost and

0:47 couldn't find something that i truly

0:48 loved until i picked up this hobby i'm

0:50 in love with it please let me know what

0:51 you think if you guys can please spread

0:53 the word about my small business this

0:55 momma would really appreciate it thank

0:56 you

0:57 also thank you for the monterey bay

0:58 aquarium tickets back in 2019 the fam

1:00 loved it candles are made with a hundred

1:03 percent soy wax meaning it's made out of

1:05 all natural soy beans and it's non-toxic

1:08 they are also highly scented that's the

1:10 scent we're getting this is from

1:11 alejandra

1:12 ma

1:13 estas and that thing and her uh

1:16 company is called

1:17 tadao crafts i hope i'm saying that

1:19 right t-a-d-o-w

1:21 crafts

1:24 that's her website as well


1:27 check out her candles

1:29 how do they smell graham and this like

1:31 i'm telling you i can smell the box the

1:33 whole thing smells delicious

1:37 this one it's labeled lavender oh

1:40 lavender that's nice and relaxing that's

1:42 a good nighttime scent

1:45 whoa um the candles are they come in

1:48 shapes you guys and this one we have

1:50 what is it

1:52 parts is that that's a naked lady it's a

1:54 naked lady i like it oh you can see

1:56 everything makes well she makes molds

1:59 that could be on my nightstand this is

2:01 going on my nightstand already smelling

2:03 the spot that you did

2:07 it keeps going to a certain spot and it

2:09 has like gold leaf etched on this thing

2:12 that's really pretty amazing how she

2:13 made this well it's like a statue that

2:15 you would see it is from the greek

2:19 it smells good jb it smells good let me

2:21 turn her around

2:24 please turn her around the candle

2:27 uh thank you so much alejandra we

2:29 appreciate it everyone uh we hope that

2:31 you check out our website uh what we've

2:32 seen is really pretty how

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